Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Athlete's Challenge

Okay, disclaimer about the above picture, it’s really more of a party trick (my take on the whole planking craze), and I kindly request you don’t ask me to replicate it if you see me in person. Well maybe you can ask, if you’ve seen I’ve had a drink or two . . . nothing like a little liquid courage.
All joking aside, while that picture may imply that the Athlete’s Challenge is filled with crazy tasks and exercises, the workout is actually grounded in the basics. It’s been my go to when I need a quick total body workout that’s fun, tones, builds endurance and gets a lot done in a short amount of time.
The Athlete’s Challenge can be found under the program examples page on the JKF Fitness & Health Website. What’s even better is each workout/program has a downloadable pdf with notes, instructions and columns to track and document your workout/progress. I designed the pdf’s to be a helpful tool in your gym going, travels, and home workouts. You can print them out or just keep them on your phone to use while in the gym.
As clients can attest, I like to think up workouts and programs, so there will be plenty more to come, check in from time to time for updated programs, or purchase a packet of workouts for your own specially designed program.
If you have questions about The Athlete’s Challenge, or any parts of it, or want to talk about your experiences with it, leave a comment below.

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