Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why did I start JKFFH?


 Why did I start JKFFH? Well, it’s best to describe it through a recurring happening in my life.
I’ve had the distinct . . . pleasure? . . . of sitting across from interviewers for various sales, administrative, analyst, etc positions since graduating from college (read – it’s hard to shake the professional wanderlust of a former wannabe actor).
A similar question was often poised to me by these adroit interviewers.
Interviewer: Tell me about a project/moment/time in your work life that you’re really proud of.
Now the land the job answer probably had something to do with a response along the lines of
“this one time at band camp . . . oops, wrong blog post, my apologies.”
“I mean, this one time in a position similar to this I did (insert impressive, slightly hyperbolized example) that really benefited (insert name of said company/boss).”
However, I found that my typical response went like this.
Me: “I remember working as a trainer right out of college and starting with my first client after apprenticing. I was terrified. Here was this young professional male paying my company a large sum of money to have me help him meet his fitness/image demands. On top of this, the man, lets calls him Jake, was recovering from an ACL injury and didn’t have, lets call it a “strong athletic background”. All of which means, I really had to apply my knowledge of training and more importantly step outside of approaches that work for me to get in shape, to create something that 1.) worked for him, 2.) was enjoyable, and 3.) asserted a degree of knowledge and professionalism
I was stunned 6 weeks later to see a completely transformed Jake. Leaner, more muscular, and capable of athletic feats I thought unobtainable weeks earlier. But perhaps the most stunning and the most gratifying changes were in Jake as a person. He was more confident, he spoke of getting compliments on his appearance and how he felt more in control of his body and health than he ever had before.”
The short version of that somewhat rambling tale of what I consider one of my most memorable and rewarding work experiences is:
Having the ability to positively effect change in a person’s life through your work.
I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been giving the opportunity to work week in and week out with people as they change and grow. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously. At the beginning of starting a program with every new client, I still experience the moments of terror of that first session post college. Will they like me? Can I really help them? Please don’t let them get hurt doing what I said . . .
I guess I would say I face down these moments of fear and self-doubt, but it probably has more to do with the clients coming back (for the most part) and letting me try again. What I think is the real take-a-way is that I worry because I care and it’s pretty cool to really care about the work you do.
So as was the case with my first client, here goes my first big solo business venture, JKF Fitness & Health. Here’s hoping that the terror and self-doubt are once again assuaged by returning clients and friends.

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