Friday, March 29, 2013

Freebie Fridays!

Freebie Fridays!

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Well maybe that should be Friday . . .  Today’s special gift from JKF Fitness & Health to you is a new cardio workout approach. I know so thoughtful of me, I mean who here doesn’t like toiling away in a monotonous exercise in the quest for the oh so flatter stomach or leaner physique?

Honestly, I don’t, and neither should you. Unless you’re training for a race/event that requires you to do something for a couple of hours, hitting the elliptical/treadmill up for an hour probably isn’t going to do you justice. And take it from someone who has had to train for a long event, don’t do it if you don’t have to or you don't enjoy it.

Cardio workouts should always be a complement to your weight lifting and cross-training routines. Cardio is one of the most effective ways to take advantage of the fat burning capabilities of your newly developed muscles from weight training. I like to say muscles are great, but they’re awesome when they’re actually functional and working as a unit (more on this in a later post).

So, what do I do, when I get that rare call to take it off for the camera . . . okay, fair, those calls never come in . . . so what do I do after a little too much cerveza and bar food consumption while enjoying some March Madness? 

 Well Kittie, it doesn't have to be awful if you follow these go to 

Cardio Tips:

1.) Full Body Machines!
If you’re in a gym, gravitate to machines that require use of your arms, legs, and core. The more muscles working at once the more calories/fat you’ll burn. My Go To Machines:
-Elliptical with Arms
-Arc Trainer with Arms
-Versa Climber

2.) Mix It Up!
Spend between 10 to 20 minutes on 3 different machines for your cardio workout session. The constant mix up doesn’t let your body get comfortable and allows you to work at higher intensities for a long period of time.

3.) Engage!
The biggest mistake I see people make with cardio is hopping on and going through the motions. Be as efficient with your cardio as possible by giving yourself minute-to-minute benchmarks. My favorite benchmarks:
-Calorie TargetsSelect an amount of calories you want to burn in a workout and break it down by minute. Push yourself to be at the calorie amount, each minute
-Resistance and Pace GoalsPick out a Pace/RPM or Resistance Level baseline, then challenge yourself to stay above it for 2 to 5 minute intervals, or only drop below it for one-minute intervals.
-Track your Personal Best! – Nothing is more motivating like achievement and accountability. Keep a record of how many calories burned, distance, pace, and resistance level for each cardio exercise and use them as baselines. You don’t always have to beat them, but I find a reminder of what I typically do keeps me honest on lazy days.

And there you have it, your new Cardio routine. Try it once or twice a week and checkout our Cardio Calorie Chart for Calorie Targeting. And as always, if you want to train/work with the purveyor of these great tips (that's ME!) sessions are available!

Download the pdf here



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